Thursday, February 26, 2009

kuala lumpur, tenggelam dalam lumpur moral dan nafsu? (the fuck poyo sial title aku)

last saturday's news on The Star:

Four jailed for erotic dancing

"KUALA LUMPUR: Four women who performed erotic dances while clad only in see-through undergarments at a club here last week were jailed 12 days. The four dancers appeared shocked when they heard magistrate Hamidah Mohamed Deril pronounce the jail sentence and wept openly in the courtroom yesterday. One of them was heard in between sobs saying: “But, we were just asked to do it” in reference to the dances.

A police officer then asked them to quiet down, saying “why can't you all think first when asked to perform.” Hamidah ordered the four to serve their jail term from the date of sentence. At the outset, Nor Fadilah Md Yatim, 21, Rabiatul Adwiyah Abd Muis, 23, Hasianty Hamidi, 22, and Siti Hajar Yen, 23, all in baju kurung, was calm and composed when the charge was read out to them.

They pleaded guilty to performing indecent dancing in front of their audience by only wearing see-through undergarment at Zouk Club (KL) Sdn Bhd in Jalan Ampang at 10.45pm on May 5. They admitted to performing the erotic dances on a platform and were paid for each performance. Pleading for leniency, Nor Fadilah, of Jalan Jelatek, Rabiatul, of Desa Pandan, and Siti Hajar, of Setapak, claimed that they would not commit the offence again. Hasianty, of Bangsar, asked the court to give her a chance saying that she was a single parent and had a child.

In the same court, two men who earlier admitted to committing the offence together with the four women denied the facts, causing the magistrate to reject their guilty plea. Nik Faizal Nik Mat and Zulkefli Othman, both 24, from Jalan Ipoh, had their case fixed for mention on June 11 pending appointment of counsel.

The court set a RM1,000 bail with one surety for each accused.
Later, the four women were taken to the Kajang Prison to serve their jail term."

damn dawg! when i first read this news on the front page of Berita Harian last saturday, i feel like writing about it. the shocking and disturbing news have been on my troubled mind for quite some time now, eh wait. let me rephrase that. okay. the images of 4 malay chicks performing erotic dances in only see-through undergarments (let's it be thong!) have been on my mind till now. till this very moment. waarrrgggghhh hahahahaha. phyruzze already did a great job talking about it, especially on how funny and ironic some 20-something Malay chicks with the name Rabiatul Adwiyah and Siti Hajar could be strippers in a "supposedly Muslim country"? Rabiatul Adawiyah is the name of a sufi and Siti Hajar is the name of Prophet Ismail's mother right? correct me if i'm wrong...

Nor Fadilah Md Yatim. Rabiatul Adwiyah Abd Muis. Hasianty Hamidi. Siti Hajar Yen. hmmmmm, that don't sound like stripper names right? not at all if you ask me. i read in an article (i like to read, you know me) somewhere while in the states, a magazine listed down a "Top Ten Stripper Names" and they are, in no particular order: Destiny, Candy, Angel, Cherry, Raven, Anastasia, Roxy, Houston, Porsche and Crystal. if you guys have been to a strip club in the states (and i never have of course), you will hear the DJ announced every time a stripper is gonna perform, "put your hands together for the beautiful put-your-stripper-name-here!!!" can you you imagine being in Kuala Lumpur, and the DJ of the hour announced, "put your hands together for the beautiful Rabiatul Adawiyah!!!" i don't think so dawg. that's just sick.

hmmm, strippers in our OWN country. that's a first for some of you, right? what have we become? are we slowly adapting western values into our community, and gradually accepting their lifestyle? what's next? although there are already underground strip clubs in some parts of kuala lumpur (not gonna elaborate more on that), the malaysian public by majority are still unaware of their existence. prostitution seemed to be somewhat "legal" in Lorong Haji Taib and perhaps we're expecting a strip club in 5 years? i don't know about you guys, but i think it's time for the government to start doing something about it. it's about time already. i know most hot-blooded males (including me) in kuala lumpur are not complaining, and seriously we can't blame them. they're exposed to this western culture 'cause it's there. and the government brought it in.

oh before i forget. “But, we were just asked to do it”. that would a stupid fuck reply don't you think? when someone asked you to dress almost nothing and dance like a stripper, you should just do it? 'cause somebody said so? and how could they "appeared shocked" after receiving jail sentence for performing such act in Zouk, of all places, the biggest club in Malaysia (i was told this is the case)? hehehe. that just baffles me dawg. come on, you guys are all adults (more than 21 years old), you should know better. call me if you wanna perform private dances, okay? Nor Fadilah of Jalan Jelatek..hoping she would be my neighbour...rrrrr...

tell me what you guys think about this serious issue. i'm out for tonite. sweet wet dreams guys! eh i mean..sweet dreams!