Sunday, March 29, 2009


After tomorrow, the school will break until July 7 for the July 4th hoiliday. Yahoo! My wife and I will stay overnight at the Menominee Casino in Keshena, Wisc., and dump some cash into slot machines. We've stayed there before, and it's a pretty nice place. This mini-vacation should not put too much of a dent in our finanaces, and we both need a little relaxation to decompress from lifes little changes--like unemployment, school and moving. It will be a welcome break.

Classes finalized

I finally got my fall class schedule finalized. Thirteen credits await me starting Aug. 8 as a full-time student. But, it seems to have gone a bit more smoothly, except for a conflict with a self-paced course in Microcomputer Applications. The Registration Department at Fox Valley Technical College are the only ones who can override course conflicts when applying online, so a visit to the school took care of the problem. I will take Business Math, just one of the classes that gave me fits during the Summer semester, in a classroom environment so I can look dumbfounded and talk personally to an instructor.

Life moves on.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Right About Everything

This is what happends when you questions the Bassguy. I'm right about everything.

Spyder3o3: Tekken 5 with Death By Degree's Demo in February!
The Magma Hawk: Fuck console Tekken.
The Magma Hawk: Arcade Tekken > *
Spyder3o3: Console tekken= god
The Magma Hawk: Fuck you.
Spyder3o3: costs no more than a 1 time fee of 50 dollars
The Magma Hawk: Who gives a shit?
Spyder3o3: which gives me unlimited play, sitting/lying/or standing. However long I want, whenever I want 24/7
The Magma Hawk: Your mother... that $2.00 whore.
Spyder3o3: that was just, pitiful
Spyder3o3: I pwn'd you
Spyder3o3: with my FREE PLAY WHENEVER technique
The Magma Hawk: Shut the fuck up, you goddamned pussy.
The Magma Hawk: You can't do shit.
Spyder3o3: what "shit" am I not going to do?
The Magma Hawk: Not be a douche bag.
Spyder3o3: all's I will be doing, is playing Tekken 5 whenever I want, wherever I want, with whoever I want, for the rest of my life
The Magma Hawk: 1) Tekken isn't something I enjoy playing a lot.
The Magma Hawk: 2) I get to play a lot of people at the arcade.
The Magma Hawk: 3) Console versions are almost always for suckers
Spyder3o3: but a 1 time fee.
Spyder3o3: for free play or life
The Magma Hawk: Okay... I pay $0.25 for unlimited play
Spyder3o3: Nein
Spyder3o3: you cant play for years on a quarter
Spyder3o3: I can though
The Magma Hawk: because I live near a bunch of idiots that can't win for shit
The Magma Hawk: and If I get bored... I'm out a quarter... you're out $50 after you get bored
The Magma Hawk: fucking dumbass
Spyder3o3: nein.
Spyder3o3: i'm still not bored of TTT or T4 or T3
Spyder3o3: and T4 and 3 were bought for me
The Magma Hawk: Don't steal my shit, you assmunching dickhead.
The Magma Hawk: Nein is copyrighted to Kiss My Bass Inc. 1996-2005
Spyder3o3: Nein is fucking german!
Spyder3o3: you cant own it you fuckmonkey
The Magma Hawk: Good job, Dr. of NoShitology
Spyder3o3: thank yo
The Magma Hawk: Why are you sitting on AIM, when you should be solving crimes with Watson at Scotland yard.
The Magma Hawk: Dickmunch.
Spyder3o3: ?
Spyder3o3: white chicks is a funny movie
The Magma Hawk: No... it isn't. It's a retarded concept and the jokes aren't even funny.
The Magma Hawk: It's an embarassment to the film business.
Spyder3o3: you got so many things up your ass man
The Magma Hawk: No... I don't sugar coat shit.
The Magma Hawk: I pride myself on being honest.
Spyder3o3: its a funny movie. Retardation is funny
The Magma Hawk: My opinions are always known.
Spyder3o3: Look, everyone has oppinions. yours dont over rule anyones
The Magma Hawk: This coming from somebody that thinks Mad TV is greatness. Your opinion doesn't count.
Spyder3o3: No. I think its FUNNY
The Magma Hawk: You would be wrong.
Spyder3o3: If I think somethigns funny, then its funny to me
Spyder3o3: just because you think so, doesnt mean I'm wrong
The Magma Hawk: It's performed by overpayed, lameass comedians, for the shock factor alone.
The Magma Hawk: No... I'm always right.
The Magma Hawk: On everything.
Spyder3o3: No your not
The Magma Hawk: Yes I am.
The Magma Hawk: You lose.
Spyder3o3: you have an opinion on everything. but it doesnt make you right.
The Magma Hawk: Hmm... you're right... you just put it in perspective for me.
The Magma Hawk: I'm sorry for being so mean.
The Magma Hawk: Not... You fucking tool.
Spyder3o3: the hell? I never said anything about being mean
Spyder3o3: I said your not right all the time, and neither am I. But oppinions are neutral and are neither right or wrong
The Magma Hawk: I am right all the time.
Spyder3o3: no your not
The Magma Hawk: I've never been wrong.
Spyder3o3: yes you have
The Magma Hawk: Ergo... I'm always right.
Spyder3o3: You have the hugest Ego ever
The Magma Hawk: And?
Spyder3o3: no wonder you fail.
The Magma Hawk: You fail at life.
Spyder3o3: no.
The Magma Hawk: I thought we've been over this....
The Magma Hawk: I'm always right.
Spyder3o3: no your not man
Spyder3o3: you always have an oppinion. which is in neutral.
The Magma Hawk: I obviously am right all the time.
The Magma Hawk: Otherwise I wouldn't be this cool.
Spyder3o3: your not right all the time
Spyder3o3: Hmm, there are millions upon millions of people in the world who love wrestling.
The Magma Hawk: I do believe you are mistaken.
The Magma Hawk: So?
The Magma Hawk: They are morons.
Spyder3o3: and let me guess, because YOU say its not good, then millions of people are just wrong
The Magma Hawk: Yes.
Spyder3o3: and then what are you grant
Spyder3o3: what makes you so damn special, that only everything YOU like is acceptable
The Magma Hawk: They are complete retards that need to go juggle a chainsaw.
The Magma Hawk: Who knows why I'm so godlike?
The Magma Hawk: I just am... and you just have to accept that.
Spyder3o3: no. i wotn
The Magma Hawk: Tough shit for you, then.
Spyder3o3: I dont do things based on other peoples decisions. Same with watching thigs. Ido them for my enjoyment, and if you dotn like them you can go shove a tree down your throat
Spyder3o3: I enjoy Mad TV. Not because you like it or not. I enjoy BUYING console games such as tekken. Not because of your choice. I enjoy Wrestling. Because its entertaining to me.
The Magma Hawk: Because you enjoy something doesn't stop it from being stupid.
The Magma Hawk: It just makes you a stupid person.
Spyder3o3: and just because you say its stupid, doesnt make it right
The Magma Hawk: Yes it does.
The Magma Hawk: I'm always right.
Spyder3o3: if you say something's stupid, thats your oppinion. plain and simple. if you think that whatever you say is right, then you are really messed up
The Magma Hawk: That's just it... I am right.
The Magma Hawk: I-AM-ALWAYS-RIGHT.
Spyder3o3: no
The Magma Hawk: Always.
Spyder3o3: prove it
Spyder3o3: whats the exact number of bodies that will be found in the Tsunami's wave.
The Magma Hawk: Mmmkay...
The Magma Hawk: Christians suck ass.
The Magma Hawk: See.
The Magma Hawk: I'm right again.
Spyder3o3: no
Spyder3o3: answer the question
The Magma Hawk: I'm not a magician, you fucktard.
Spyder3o3: no, but your always right
Spyder3o3: so you say the number, and it'll stop at that number if your right
The Magma Hawk: I'm just a modest man that is always right about everything.
Spyder3o3: your right about everything, and michael jackson doesnt rape little kids
The Magma Hawk: No... but your father does.
Spyder3o3: wow.
Spyder3o3: thats sad.
Spyder3o3: im going togo watch something I enjoy. because in YOUR oppinion its stupid. but in mine, its entertainment
The Magma Hawk: Have fun watching bullshit.
Spyder3o3: have fun falling off a cliff
The Magma Hawk: What a come back... you should be a stand-up comedian with that sharp wit.
The Magma Hawk: Dumbfuck.
Spyder3o3: my away message, is now to you
The Magma Hawk: Oh-fucking-noes.
The Magma Hawk: I think I shall cry now.
The Magma Hawk: boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo
Spyder3o3: you need to grow up.
Spyder3o3 is away at 8:55:51 PM.
The Magma Hawk: You need to stop beign such a moron and understand I'm lways right.

Auto response from Spyder3o3: Grant Brunner [The Magma Hawk] thinks he's always right. Ask him a question, and watch his ego grow.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

A different type of error than usual popped up in w.bloggar when I tried to open past ramblings on Blog*spot. So, I figured, "What the heck?" and tried the fix I've seen posted on the w.bloggar help forums.

To my surprise, I pulled up information in w.bloggar. This must mean that my weblog finally made it to the new Dano servers Blogger has been bragging about. Now, we'll see if posting functions.

It works!

After many weeks of logging on to the Blogger website to post comments (which is VERY inconvenient if you don't want to learn to code in HTML just to have a passable blog page with some semblance of content), I finally used w.bloggar to retrieve past comments and post a new one. I believe this is because the Blogger gods have blessed me by moving my account to the new Dano server, but who knows. Information about the move is sketchy on Blogger's web site unless you dig deep.

I have learned a few things though:

# You get what you pay for. I use the free Blogger service, so am not on the 'A' list for support.
# If you wait long enough, things will usually change for the better. But, weeks?!?
# I have a better understanding of the frustration experienced by end users when using technology-based services.
# I probably WILL NOT use a fee-based service to maintain a weblog, including Blogger Pro. It just doesn't seem to be worth the effort.

And, life moves on.


I guess the bugs haven't been worked out, because when I tried to post this to Blog*Spot using w.bloggar, I received more dumb-assed error messages. I am guessing they are still playing with the system, and probably will be for some time. It figures. I'm hoping the bugs will be worked out eventually, but I won't hold my breath.