Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the verve - the drugs don't work

GOD. i just got totally bagged on for the THIRD time today. can everyone just take a fucking chill pill? i'm not even mad about the first two. but after #3. what the hell. don't expect me to turn into a snively push over BECAUSE it's not me, it's you.

people like them are the reason i hate going online now! >:O in my best bosanko high voice, a big: YOU SUCK!

ANYWAY. i changed the song. (lyrics on the side) not my usual stuff but it was on the star lounge cd i burned off of mindy and i just love it for some reason.

ALSO! my book list! i've been feeling bad for neglecting it so much but i just realized that i could cross out some stuff because i read them in english!!!! even the BORING BORING book HEART OF DARKNESS is on the list. anyway i went to border last weekend so i have about 6 of the books on the list, i just have to read them now!

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